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Country Profile page additions

After a lot of hard work, is very excited to announce its first Country Profile page addition. These Country Profiles may be accessed via the’s home screen. The name of each individual country listed under the column “Country’s covered” on the home page will be linked to the appropriate Country Profile page. The Country Profile pages are designed to briefly yet effectively summarize what specifically makes that country competitive in offering a higher quality of life in comparison to the United States while also addressing major ways in which the country’s aspirations for acquiring a higher quality of life might be misinterpreted or misrepresented by the American media.



As previously posted in January 2011, Steve Hill has written an insightful article on Japan which provides an ideal resource for Japan’s Country Profile. Japan’s Country Profile has become the first to be published at We look forward to publishing additional Country Profiles as we come across the research that meets the aforementioned objectives. If you know of relevant research that you think might be of help to us, please leave a comment or leave us an email.