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Rule of Law Index and the WJP is proud to announce the launching of a new page. Based on a report from the World Justice Project, The Rule of Law page is an indication to what extent individual countries have been able to provide coherent laws and regulations. With ten different factors being assessed, The World Justice Project focuses on the relevance, just application, and accessibility to each country’s laws. The index also accounts for extra-governmental influences such as media as well as emphasizing the importance of limiting corruption. This is the first of such a report from the World Justice Project which aspires to release a new Rule of Law Index annually. The findings of the Rule of Law index have the United States ranking last in seven out of the ten factors among the countries on Sweden and the Netherlands have ranked the highest.

Color-coded statistics and page introductions

All statistical pages for have now been color-coded. This has been done in order to facilitate researchers in having a quicker idea as to who is ahead or behind in each category and statistic. The two countries’ numbers which have the greatest indication for quality of life have been highlighted in green for every statistic; the two worst countries’ numbers have been highlighted in red for every statistic.

In addition to the color-coding of the statistics, every page-category has been given an introduction as a summary of the research that has been found concerning the statistics of the page. This is also intended to facilitate researchers in obtaining a better feel for what each page is about and its results in a more convenient and timely fashion.