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Update: International Treaties page addition

As mentioned before, Dr. Lewis and i have been working on a page for international treaties on The treaties page will review at least twenty-two prominent international treaties, including the treaty for the International Criminal Court, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and Antipersonnel Land Mine Ban Treaty. The treaties page will include information for each of the twelve countries and whether they have signed, ratified, neither signed nor ratified, or withdrawn from each treaty. An additional table with descriptions will be added  to find more information about them. It will include a primary source indicating where we got the information for the status of ratification as well as complimentary sources that Dr. Lewis and i  have found useful in explaining the treaties further and what makes each treaty noteworthy or a special case.

The research for this page is complete. We are in the process of having it reviewed by the United Nations Association of the United States for accuracy while working on the format for the web page, itself. The page should be added fairly soon. If you feel like you are knowledgeable on the subject of international treaties and would like to review our research, please let us know! We would welcome the help. Feel free to leave a comment for that or any reason.

First Post! An introduction

Welcome to the blog for This site informs the media and interested citizens about many different indicators of quality of life and compares them among twelve developed nations. We have compiled the best data from the most objectivee and comprehenisve statistical data bases and provided links for more analysis. We have a platform for international comparisons. This blog will compliment the website by announcing the updates we are working on, provide articles and reviews relevant to the material we cover, and provide a forum to discuss your comments. Expect new posts to the blog weekly.

There is already lots of information on the website covering twenty-four different categories. Over the summer, many hours were put in to update information and add statistics in most categories. Still, Dr. Sherman Lewis and I still believe that there is more work to be done. We are currently working on adding two new categories: an International Treaties page and a Rule of Law Index page. Stay posted for these updates!